Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th NOTD with Incoco Nail Strips

Hi everyone! Happy July 4th to all my fellow Americans! After the last couples of weeks, I am feeling very proud of my country today. I truly hope the progress made recently continues to build momentum and we can look forward to more!

For my 4th of July NOTD, I did a simple accent with some Incoco nail strips I recently picked up at my local Walgreens. This is my first time using the Incoco strips, so I thought I would include a mini review along with my nails.

Please Note: Products shown were purchased for my own personal use.

Incoco Nail Strips in Brave Brilliance


Zoya Pixie Dust - Chyna
Incoco Nail Strips - Brave Brilliance

Like I have mentioned in previous posts, this is my preferred method for nail strips or decals. I think they are the ideal tool for a quick accent nail, especially if you don't usually do nail art or stamping.

I have used and tested out several different brands of nail strips, and unfortunately, the Incoco strips are not my favorite. They are very similar to the Sally Hansen strips. They are made with real nail polish, so they do dry out once you open the package. For someone who uses nail strips like I do, these are basically a one-time use package. Other strips, like the Winstonia strips I reviewed last year (you can read that post here), don't dry out and if you only use one or two, the package will last you a while. I actually still have some Winstonia strips left over!

Application wise these are, again, not my favorite. They are very sticky and are hard to get a good placement. I had issues with the strips sticking to my fingers while I was applying them. Once they are on the nail, forget about adjusting the placement! They adhere to the nail plate as soon as they touch.

The package came with 12 strips in all, but I had a problem finding strips that fit my nails (and I was only putting them on two nails). If I was trying to do a whole mani on both hands, I doubt there would have been enough strips to fit.

As for wear time, I will update my post after I test them out this weekend. Suffice to say though, that even if the wear time is excellent, I don't think I will be purchasing these again.

Have you guys tried the Incoco strips? What did you think?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We will be hanging out with some friends this evening and watching fireworks! And I want to dedicate my post to all the wonderful people who now have the freedom to love and to Bree Newsome who is a total bad ass.

Please Note: Products shown were purchased for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

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