Thursday, March 26, 2015

Foil Tattoo NOTD

Hey y'all! So I am sure most of you know what foil tattoos are and how insanely cool they look. I have seen a few pics around using them as nail decals and omg, why a perfect idea! I am a total magpie and am instantly drawn to anything shiny or sparkly (ahem..nail polish!) and knew I needed some foil tats asap. I didn't want to spend a lot on my first go, (the original Austin-based company, Flash Tats sells a package for $20-$30) so I found a very cheap sheet of foil tattoos with a few designs that I could easily translate into nail decals.


Maybelline Color Show - Pink Punch

I applied them just like a normal temporary tattoo. I cut out the triangle shapes from the sheet, stuck it (sticky side down) onto my nail and dipped it into a cup of water for a few seconds and then slid the paper backing off. Super easy, you guys. Top coats do tend to crinkle them a bit, but I think it adds a bit of texture and looks really cool either way!

Gah!!! I'm so in love with these things. I cannot wait to play with all the summer neons and more foil tattoos!

Have you all tried them? I know it's a total fad, but they're sooo shiny!!!


  1. Very pretty and simple. Those foil tattoos look great.

  2. This is so cute! I haven't tried this method yet but it looks awesome!


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