Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ellagee Grey Scale Collection

Hi friends! I am super excited for today's post. First, I am so happy to have a soon-to-be release from Indie polish Ellagee - a five piece set consisting of grey polishes ranging from an almost white to a rich black. Secondly, Ellagee is based out of San Antonio! I love sharing and supporting Texas based Indie makers.

Back to the collection. Like I said it is a five piece set of grey cream polishes with each one increasing in tone. Think ombré with grey!  The art nerd in me is all over this set. Grey is such a versatile color and I cannot wait to use them in some nail art! Okay, enough chatter, let's get to the polish!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Ellagee Polish Grey Scale Collection: Platinum, Mist, Dove, Gunmetal & Ebony

Ellagee Polish Platinum (Grey Scale Collection)

Platinum is a muted white cream with a hint of grey. This is the lightest of the five piece. Just a heads up polish lovers, Platinum is a spot on dupe for O.P.I. My Boyfriend Scales Walls. If you are running out of your back ups and haven't been able to find another bottle (I am down to my last one!), get this! The formula is thick, super creamy and applies like a dream! This is two coats. 

Ellagee Polish Mist (Grey Scale Collection)

Mist is a light grey cream, "the color of morning mist" as Laura describes it. It is the second lightest shade. The formula was almost identical to Platinum, though it seemed to be a little thinner. It applied just as easy with two smooth coats for full opacity. 

Ellagee Polish Dove (Grey Scale Collection)

Dove is a mid toned neutral grey, like that of a dove's feather. It is the middle grey shade. The formula is again thick and so creamy. It was almost a one coater, but it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to look, so i opted for the second coat.

Ellagee Polish Gunmetal (Grey Scale Collection)

Gunmetal is a dark neutral grey cream. It is the second darkest of the set. I feel so repetitive, but the formula is just like the rest - thick, and so so creamy. The only exception is that Gunmetal is a one coater!

Ellagee Polish Ebony (Grey Scale Collection)

Ebony is a glossy black cream. It is very pigmented and is a thick, creamy one coat black. I am almost positive this will work beautifully for stamping! And yes, I will be trying it out soon. Because it is so pigmented, it does leave some residue behind - not stains per say, but I did have to go over a few spots while removing a couple of times to get all the polish off.

A few things to mention, all of the polishes dry to a satin finish except for Ebony which dries very glossy, so I would recommend (as always) a good shiny top coat like KBShimmer Clearly On Top to seal the polish and give it a glossy finish. Also, due to the thicker consistency, these do take a little longer to dry, so patience is a must, or else you will end up with a big dent and ruin an otherwise perfect mani. I normally paint pretty thick coats, but if you prefer to paint thinner coats, you may need to add a little thinner to these. I found they applied much more smoothly if my brush was loaded with polish. But ultimately this comes down to preference and I didn't need to add thinner.

The collection launches May 9th on the Ellagee Polish website. You can find more info on Ellagee and the upcoming collections by visiting the Ellagee FB page or IG page.

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Ellagee Grey Scale collection launches May 9th and is available on line. Products retail for $10.50 a piece.


  1. Thanks so much! The photos are just lovely, I'm so glad you enjoyed them <3

  2. Thanks so much! The photos are just lovely, I'm so glad you enjoyed them <3

  3. Some very nice staples and neutral colors :)


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