Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection: Part Two

Good morning! We're back with the second part of the Zoya Ornate Collection, featuring foil finishes!

Yesterday's post featured the Holo finishes, and yes they are amazing, but don't discount these two gorgeous foil polishes. In my opinion, Zoya is the master at creating foils. I have quite a few of them and each one is just as beautiful and shiny as the next.

Same as last time, pics first & formula write up at the end!

Zoya - Ziv
Ziv is a bright gold foil with deep golden flecks scattered through out. It reminds me so much of golden foil wrapping paper! It dries so shiny and reflective. Sigh...this is why I love foil so much.


Zoya - Logan
Logan is a cool dark green with bright green and golden foil flecks through out. This one is a bit of a chameleon. It can look very dark and dramatic with serious blue tones, and then it can shift to a bright warm golden green.

Formula, again was perfect. It almost seems like an improvement from previous foils, even. 2 coats, slightly longer dry time than the holos, but still good. Shiny, smooth and glossy, no top coat needed. Ziv is for sure, my choice because it is such a great color for the holidays, but Logan is just as beautiful.

Tomorrow....Bar Glitter!!!!

Zoya Ornate Collection is available online.

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