Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abi

Hey guys!  Hope all is well in your world. Today, I have another polish from my mini Rescue Beauty holiday haul. This is another one from the gorgeous GOMM collection.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Abi
Abi is a pea green with a fine silver shimmer and a tiny bit of blue & pink shimmery flecks thrown in for added depth. Sigh. Isn't this the most lovely shade of green! I was so nervous about ordering this, thinking it was going to be more yellow toned and give me lobster hands, but I am in love! It is so fresh and bright, and especially unique! Formula was a bit different than I was expecting. It is on the thinner side and pretty streaky the first coat. Second coat smoothed it all out, nice and even.

I am on a mission to own every one of the polishes from the GOMM collection. Even jack, which is now gone. But, I will have it one day! Maybe...
Available online, at Rescue Beauty Lounge.

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  1. Beautiful! This whole collection is on my wish list.


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