Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gradient With Lattice Overlay

Hey guys! Today's post actually didn't go as planned, but sometimes that's a good thing. Yesterday, I tried twice to get a finished design, but screwed up both times. After feeling frustrated, and headachy from the polish fumes, I took a break and hoped today would be better.
This is my third (different) attempt, and I am in love. Lately, I am finding myself drawn to the more complicated looks and intricate designs. I feel a sense of deep satisfaction when I have completed something more challenging. Even if it takes a few hours!


Julep - Lexie
Bondi NYC - Teal Magnolia

Make up sponge
Nail art brush

I love the way a gradient looks with something done on top, whether it is a glitter topper or stamping or like this, a lattice pattern. It really emphasizes the color change and creates so much depth. Also, I am pretty impressed with my gradient skills. I think I have found a good technique and it blends colors so smoothly! Maybe I should do a tutorial?

Not to brag, but I think this is one of the best things I have done! It took quite a while, and now I have a finger cramp from holding a tiny brush. So worth it though, cause I love it so hard.

So what do you guys prefer? Easy and quick, or long and complicated?


  1. This is extremely cool! What a beautiful design :) I think for me, I have to have a sudden hit of inspiration for my nail art to turn out well. If I'm just doing it and don't really want to, it never looks very good.

  2. Already said it on Instagram, but I'm in love with this look! You're so good at intricate linework, and I'm so jealous!

    And yesss I'd love a tutorial :D


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