Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hare Polish Test Your Love

Hello friends!! Happy Wednesday! Summer break is here and I am so ready for some fun! As much as I love my free time when the girlie is in school, I am so looking forward to having time to sleep in and spend some extra time with her. I can predict a lot of nail polish parties in our future!

Today I have a lovely Hare Polish to show you all, another one from The Coin Operation collection from last fall. I already have Read My Biorhythm and Zoltar Speaks from the same collection and super excited to add Test Your Love to it!

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.

Test Your Love is a raspberry jelly loaded with gold, silver and iridescent micro flakies. The color is fun and has just enough squish to be interesting. Combine that with the flakie mix and it is a flat out stunner!  I can't believe it took me this long to get it! Formula was great and from what I remember, pretty much the same as the previous two from the collection that I have. Because of the jelly base, it is on the sheer side, but not terribly so. Three coats for full opacity with a smooth application. It dries to a satin finish, so be sure to add a shiny top coat!

So now I just need one more to finish the collection - Peepshow Magique, and the hoarder that I am is determined to grab it! But other than that, Nicole has been cranking out some true beauties lately and the shop is selling out quickly! So next time you are browsing the Hare Polish listings on Etsy, don't hesitate to put one of the lovely bottles in your cart!

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Hare Polish is available on line via Etsy. Products retail for $10 a piece.


  1. I'd probably want to layer this one, but omigosh, those flakies! Love it :D


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