Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Stamped: Neon Kisses with MoYou London Hipster Collection

Hey y'all, happy Sunday! Today's post is a late, we were up all last night watching Oklahoma! out at the Zilker outdoor theater. Yes, I am a musical nerd. Love them! Anyway, instead of being a good blogger and scheduling my post yesterday before we left, I decided to do it today after sleeping in and a late breakfast, lol!

I have two new things to play with, some of the China Glaze summer neons and new MoYou London plates. I used both the neons and the MoYou Hipster collection plate as well in my previous post, here. I personally think the two products are perfect for each other!


China Glaze - Wait N' Sea
China Glaze - Feel The Breeze

MoYou London Hipster Set - #8

I freaking love this set. It is as ironic as the damnable hipsters are! Like I said, the plate goes great with neon colors, and I have some serious 80's flashback. 

I am loving all the new plate sets that MoYou is putting out lately. Have you seen the tropical collection? Ugh, dead. I just want them all.

This next week, I will have the China Glaze neons (my picks) for review. Spoiler, they are pretty awesome and are definitely worth checking out. It will also probably be one of the last summer collections on here for the season. All the fall collections are starting to pop up in stores and I am planning out the Fall/Winter color trend series, and it is looks rather fantastic. But I am sad to see the bright bold color of summer fade!

That's all from me today. Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. These are so cute! I like that you reversed the colors on the accent nail too.

  2. Really cute ! It's a great idea !

  3. Your nails look lovely!
    You’re so talented, I’m looking forward to discover your next nail art creation <3

    Xx julia


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