Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Vampy

Hey everyone! The Twinsies are going vampy today for our weekly post. Now usually, I am not known to wear "vampy" colors. I like vibrant, bright shades on my nails, basically year-round. But I do have a few polishes in my stash that fall in the vampy category. I decided to go with one that I haven't worn in for ever and it was one of the first indies I ever got. 

KBShimmer No Whine Left

I'm not sure if it is even available on the KBShimmer website, but if you ever see it in a destash/blog sale, it is definitely one to have. The combination between the rich dark burgundy base color and the electric blue glitters is totally killer and sucks me in every time!  


I do apologize if I have caused a lemming, but this one was just too good! And I guess I do like vampy polishes - as long as they have a little something extra going on!

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  1. Love the combo of glitters and color!

  2. That polish is pretty amazing. The blue glitters look gorgeous with that dark base.

  3. Why can't I have KBShimmer in Italy? Why?

  4. I love this, Bridget! It's beautiful. It has reminded me that I have some great glitters from Darling Diva that I've never worn yet.

  5. I absolutely love this one! The blue glitters look amazing in it!

  6. I typically wear bright colors/pastels all year round too!

    I really like the contrast between the dark base and bright blue glitters :)

  7. Oh my, that is a beautiful polish!! The colors all work so well together!


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