Thursday, May 30, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Animal Print

Hey guys! So I am off schedule again, but that is all due to this particular challenge prompt. I have no love for animal print. Especially since I cannot do it free hand. This may be the first time in the challenge where it just wasn't working out at all. I have done 3 manis, all different and none of them have come out looking how I want. This is the best one, and since I am behind, I said "screw it" and decided to post anyway. Okay, enough of the complaining.
Zoya - Tracie
Color Club - Cosmic Fate
Bundle Monster - BM215 plate
I think this one would have turned out better if I had used a darker color to stamp with. While, I think the subtle design looks awesome in person, but it just loses all that in photos. Bah. Like I said, frustrations abound with this post. 

I will be posting the next prompt later today so I can get back on schedule. Do check back this after noon!

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