Thursday, June 20, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Water Marble

Hey y'all! Today's challenge prompt is water marble. I was so super nervous about doing one, because I have read about so many failed attempts and all the difficulties associated with it. I literally watched dozens of you tube videos, read all the tutorials I could find, and finally went for it!
Essie - Naughty Nautical
Essie - The Girls Are Out
I used The Girls Are Out for all of my nails, except the middle and ring, where I did the marbling.  For the middle and ring fingers, I painted a layer of MBSW to marble over. Being my first go, I wanted to stick with just a couple of nails. I might do a whole hand one day.
Marbling is not that difficult. But there are a lot of ways that it can become troublesome. My first go turned out perfectly, but for some odd reason, I re dunked my hand in the water and I got a filmy residue all over the pretty nails. (IDK what's wrong with me) So I had to start over. I never got the polish to spread right, even with clean water, after that. And I fiddled with the design too much. But these are things that I know not to do in the future.
So if you ever plan to try water marbling, don't be scared! You can create some really amazing designs and a beautiful manicure! But remember these three things: 1. Use clean water ( I used room temp. distilled), 2. Work fast, 3. Don't over work your design. These were the biggest problems I ran in too.
If you are drooling over the Essie's I used, never fear! I will be swatching the entire collection over the next week, or so. In between challenge posts, of course. But be sure to check back this weekend, because I have knocked a lemming off my list & will have it for you guys!!!!


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