Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Razzle Berry

Hey y'all! Happy June, hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I have one of the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes swatched for you guys. Since textured polish is all trendy right now, almost every brand is coming out with a variation of it.
Please Note: Products were purchased by me for my own personal use.
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat - Razzle Berry
Razzle Berry is a vivid cobalt blue matte textured polish. Of course I am a sucker for blue, so this is the one that I picked up. The texture is really prominent, more so than the Zoyas. However, the formula was a tad tricky. The first coat was fairly smooth, but the second was hard to paint evenly over the texture particles. Nothing a thicker coat didn't fix. Average dry time, as well.

I like it, but I'm not blown away. But that is a matter of taste, I prefer a little sparkle in my mani. There is a mint green and a pastel violet color that look really pretty and I may eventually pick those up too. If you are looking to give the texture trend a try, these are a good option. Cheap, about $6, with a great color selection.

So do you prefer matte or sparkle textured?

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