Saturday, November 30, 2013

Zoya Louise - Fall/Winter Color Trend

Hey friends! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Apologies for posting this later than planned. The holidays are officially here and it is already kicking my ass!
Though, it isn't the most popular color for nail polish, brown is definitely a great staple color for Fall & Winter wardrobes. It is cozy and warm, and I love it! Pantone gave us Carafe, a cool toned coffee brown. Out of all the mainstream brands, Zoya was the only one to give us brown lovers a polish version of Carafe.  Thank you Zoya, cause this baby is awesome!
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.
Zoya - Louise
Louise is a creamy (almost crelly) cool toned brown. It is rich a deep, and a fabulous alternative to those of us who can't pull off black. I used it for my Thanksgiving Day mani paired with Zoya Ziv, because brown and gold together are amazing. I know, it's not a very popular color, but it looks amazing on the nail, and I love it so much! Formula was the standard Zoya cream, smooth and flowy, two coats for full coverage, longer dry time.
Zoya is a brand that never ceases to please me, whether it is from their spot on colors, or their consistently good formulas, or PIXIE DUST, I am a Zoya lover for life. While I wanted to show all the most popular mainstream salon brands, Zoya is the only brand that covered almost every single color this year. So if you like a particular shade, but not the brand, please go check Zoya's website.
We have made it almost all the way through the Pantone Fall/Winter color guide and I've got one more color left to show! This has been a really fun series for me, and I really want to continue it next year into the new seasons. Pantone's color picks for 2014 are looking particularly amazing, and the polish collections I have managed to see peeks of are also looking gorgeous! Next year may be the year I go over board!

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