Friday, January 24, 2014

Wavy Accents Nail Of The Day

Hi friends! Hope you guys are having a great Friday! How's that polar vortex treating you?! The weather has been nuts here! Needless to say, Texans are not well equipped dealing with crazy winter weather, and I am staying home with my girlie today, in front of a nice warm fire!

So, like most you of I'm sure, my inspiration for nail art comes from some very talented ladies. This NOTD is no exception. Sammie from The Nailasaurus is pretty amazing, and I have already given a few of her designs a go. My current fav, is the wavy gradient sort of look that she recently did. I gave it my spin, and picked out a color palette that I am loving so much right now. And I added studs. Because studs.


Revlon - Urban
O.P.I. - Funky Dunky
Bettina - Wild Orchid

Born Pretty Studs

I'm pretty sure this is one of my all time favorite designs I have ever ever done. It just looks so frickin perfect! It just makes me super happy looking at them. And naturally, I am thinking of how many ways I can replicate this and what colors would look awesome. I definitely think a citrus toned designs would be bananas!

On a side note, Wild Orchid is the only Bettina I have and I really love it. Bettina isn't sold any where near me, and I am a sad polish addict. I know there is a lady who does wholesale orders (I found the contact info a long time ago, but have since lost it). But I am wondering what colors would be good to put on a wishlist? Do you guys have any Bettina? Any favs that I absolutely need?

Have a great weekend, and try to freeze!


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