Monday, January 6, 2014

Frozen Lattice Gradient with Pure Nail Polish And My First Video Tutorial

Hey guys and gals! Just a quickie post today. It's brrrrrchilly all over the dang place, and we have record temperatures here in Austin! We honestly don't know how to handle anything below freezing! But in the spirit of the frozen weather, I have a fun design and a bit of an announcement!
I have my very first video tutorial! I will be doing a series of videos for Pure Nail Polish, as a featured nail artist! I am super thrilled and have so many fun ideas for you guys! The first one I did is a frosty version of the Lattice Gradient nails I did over the summer.
Please Note: Products used were provided by the company/creator for artistic purposes.
Pure Nail Polish in -
Blameless (white)
Lucid (blue)
Committed (silver foil)
Makeup sponge
Nail art brush
So this is definitely one of my favorite designs I have done, and I love that you can use virtually any color combo! And it is a lot easier to accomplish than it looks! The key is to use a very thin, small brush. You can see a shot of it in the video.

Now for the awesome part, the video tutorial! Be sure to view it in the HD format. Unfortunately, it was uploaded to YouTube in HD, and a lot of the video quality was lost.  -__-

A very big thank you to my awesome husband who filmed/edited the video! He is quite fantastic and rather supportive of my addiction hobby!

So I hope you guys like the video, and be sure to follow the blog so you can see more videos in the future!

Please Note: Products used were provided by the company/creator for artistic purposes. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Pure Nail Polish is available on line. Products retails for $5.00 a piece (clearance price)

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