Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Halloween

Hey everyone! Well it's been a couple of weeks since I posted with the Twinsie Tuesday group. I am always so upset with myself when I miss a post, so hopefully that wont happen for a long time. This week we are posting Halloween themed looks and I am kinda glad for it, otherwise I may not have done one this year!


Takko Lacquer - Physical Graffiti
Takko Lacquer - Créature

MoYou London Pro collection - plate #3

After I swatched Physical Graffiti this weekend, I thought it would make a really cool background color for some nail art. Usually I try to stick with creams for nail art because I think the added shimmer or glitter can take away from the look, but in some cases it adds to it instead! I love how edgy this turned out. Still Halloween without being over the top.

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  1. Great job. It's such a delicate looking design.

  2. Its nice! I like how subtle the spider webs are which is how they are in real life too.

  3. These are so delicate and gorgeous--LOVE! ♥

  4. Love how subtle the stamping is! I also like that this isn't a super typical look for Halloween.


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