Monday, November 26, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Piu Mosso

Happy Monday! I have something very very special to share today - Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso. I had one request for my Christmas gift from my husband, Rescue Beauty nail polish. Spending $20 on one bottle of polish is a bit much for me, unless it's a special occasion. He happily obliged & I bought 3 polishes during the "Bring it Back" pre-order event.
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Piu Mosso
Piu Mosso is a deep, dusty navy blue cream with a subtle "hidden" fiery copper shimmer. The shimmer is barely there in low or indoor lighting, giving off a soft glow like embers in a dying fire. In direct sunlight, it very much comes alive and there you see the beauty and magic of Piu Mosso. The formula was absolutely flawless (which is what RBL is known for & why it is pricey). I have never experienced polish like this. One coat. One perfect flowy coat of polish bliss. The only thing I has an issue with (& it's a small one) is that it dried a bit dull, so I needed a top coat. But that's it. I can't put in to words how different the formula "felt" when I applied it, but it is, and it's wonderful.



Alternative lighting
I totally get the fervor behind the RBL fans, now. And I do not feel bad, one bit, about spending a little extra on a polish of this quality and beauty, even if it is only once in a while.
Piu Mosso will be available again at Rescue Beauty Lounge very soon, along with Aqua Lily, Insouciant, Opaque Nude and Recycle, so be sure to sign up for the RBL newsletter so you don't miss out!

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