Friday, November 23, 2012

China Glaze Cirque du Soliel Collection

Hey all! Hope all you American readers had a great Thanksgiving & everyone else had a great Thursday! Today I have three polishes from the new China Glaze collection inspired by the Cirque du Soliel movie "Worlds Away. "

China Glaze - It's a Trap-eaze
It's a Trap-eaze is a fabulous milky white polish loaded with multi sized rainbow glitter. I am such a sucker for milky glitters, and this one is my absolute fav, hands down. Looking at the swatch pictures actually makes want to go put it on again! Formula was a little tricky mainly because of the amount of glitter packed in the bottle. 2 coats and a nice thick top coat evened everything out perfectly though.
China Glaze - Surreal Appeal
 Surreal Appeal is a "nearly" neon pink coral cream. I say "nearly" because it doesn't dry matte, but very glossy. It was much more bright and pigmented than the bottle. I have been looking for a good coral, and at first I was let down because this is very pink, but ended up really liking it after I wore it for a little while. Formula was a bit on the thin side, so make sure you go easy with your application to avoid pooling. Despite the thin formula, it only took 2 coats for full coverage.
China Glaze - Water You Waiting For over Julep Hoch
 Water You Waiting For is a sheer blue base with blue, green and purple multi sized glitters. It is a pretty dense polish and could be built up on it's own with out undies, but I was already wearing Hoch & was too lazy to take it off! >_<  I think they look really well together! Yay teal! Since WYWF is a total glitter bomb, I expected to have a much more difficult time applying, but it wasn't as bad. It does tend to get a tiny bit clumpy, if you are slower with it, but nothing too major.

I really dig the glitters from this collection & some of the other brights are definitely on my to buy list!

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