Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Essie Holiday 2012 - Beyond Cozy

Good morning! Today I have one little polish to share & I have actually had it for a few weeks now, but never got a chance to swatch it. Out of all the Essie holiday colors, the only one that caught my eye was Beyond Cozy!

Essie - Beyond Cozy
Beyond Cozy is a seriously shiny mix of fine gold and silver glitter in a clear base. I am so in love with this glitter! In some lighting it looks like a pale gold, in other lighting, it looks like a bright silver. Totally reminds me of white gold. Gorgeous! Formula was a total breeze, especially for a glitter. 2 easy coats, no drag, or anything. It is a top coat eater, tho.

Because this polish is a total glitter bomb, I wanted to try out the "glue" base coat which helps with pesky glitter polish removal. Basically, you use a white craft glue as a base coat, let it dry and apply your polish as normal. I used Ailene's craft glue & it works wonderfully!

Glue base coat
When you are ready to remove the polish, it's as simple as peeling it off. I have found that running my hands under warm water and using an orange stick works the best. It's definitely my go-to for glitters now!
Here's a great tutorial/how-to on making your own glue coat. Like I said, any white craft glue should work!

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