Friday, April 26, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Violet

Hey all! We're just gonna pretend today is Thursday, alright? I do apologize for not getting my next challenge post up on time, my little one has been sick since Wednesday evening. She is starting to feel better, but now I am getting the cold! Lol, that's usually how it goes though. Anyway, the theme for today's post is Violet. I kinda took some liberties with the color, mainly because I wanted to use something specific.
China Glaze - Tart-y For The Party
China Glaze - Fancy Pants
Dotting Tools
I was gifted Fancy Pants by Rachael of The Perky Polisher for Easter and haven't had a chance to really play with it. I loved how it looked with Tart-y For The Party so I made the executive decision to use them for this post even though they are more blue toned than a red tone Violet color. Sorry, I am a color nerd! All the color theory classes in college kinda stuck with me!
Doing a dotted gradient is pretty simple. I used three different size dotting tools and just worked my way down the nail. I think the look is super cute and would work with all sorts of color combos!

Hopefully these cold germs vacate my system quickly and I can get back on schedule. Next up is Black & White and I have a really fun idea!

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