Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nail Of The Day: Drops of Golden Sun

Hey all! A quick little NotD post this weekend a part from the 31 Day Challenge prompts for you guys! I am loving all the green things growing in and around my garden lately and decided to give myself a matching mani!
Zoya - Tracie
I recently picked up a rhinestone wheel from my local beauty supply store since I am trying to build up my nail art paraphernalia and I love it! I don't care if they are anything but practical, I will be using the hell outta these babies! I already have plans to use them for the 31 Day Challenge too.

My nails are also growing out a lot faster than I had thought, but I may keep the shorties around for a little while. They are definitely easier to manage!
I will be back with the next challenge post, Tuesday!

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