Thursday, July 18, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired By A Flag

Hey guys and gals! Today is challenge day! Inspired by a flag is the theme and I honestly had a "WTF" moment trying to find inspiration. My husband suggested using Nautical Flags since I could use a different one for each nail. He was a Coastie (Coast Guard) when we met, and he has the flags and their meanings committed to memory apparently. After a quick google search and a mock up using nail art templates from Samarium's Swatches, I totally had an awesome design!


Pomegranate Laquer - Fit For A Prince
SOPI by Betsey Johnson - Pushing Your Luck
Julep - Lexie
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Black Out
Striping Tape
Nail Art Brush

The flags have several different meanings as well as an alphabetical association. I chose flags the correspond with the beginning letters of all out names. Pointer - C, Middle - B, Ring - M, Pinky - R.
I actually really like how these came out! I would totally do it again if we ever went on a cruise or spent a day on the lake.

A pic of my elusive thumb! I painted a bit of rope, or a piece of "line" as they call it on a ship, to go along with the flags.
I posted a pic on IG last night of my design on the awesome nail art templates Sarah made and graciously shared, and I am so glad to have these now! If you like to plan out your designs, this is definitely something to grab.

Aren't they awesome?!?
I am going to try to get some swatches up this weekend. I have a couple of polishes from the KBShimmer summer collection that I grabbed for my birthday!!!

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