Tuesday, July 9, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inpired By Fashion

Hey guys and gals! I am trying to get back to my nail art challenge posting schedule, so since today is Tuesday, is time for another challenge prompt. Today's theme is "Inspired By Fashion" and everything I know about the fashion industry I learned from Project Runway. I really don't consider myself to be fashionable. I am totally comfortable in jeans and a cute shirt. Probably the most fashionable thing about me is my nails! I do love the creative design that goes into fashion, and especially doing a little nail art inspired by it, as you have all seen in my Fashion Friday collab posts.
I simply did a google search for current runway fashions and came across Diane Von Furstenburg's spring line. This particular outfit caught my eye. I love the color combo and the detailing around the yoke on the top is so visually interesting. I would totally wear it.
Julep - Dianna
Rescue Beauty Lounge - Ghost
Dotting Tool
I tried to recreate the feel and the detailing in the yoke for my design. I was going to add a bit of coral, but I am glad I left it like this.  It has such a 70's bohemian vibe, I totally love it. It definitely ranks up there with my favs from the challenge.

Only six more posts left in the challenge! I can't believe how far I have come and that I have stuck with it! Next is "Inspired By A Pattern"!

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