Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Argyle Pattern Nails - #3 of the IG Totally Doable Nail Art Challenge in October

Heeey! So I missed yesterday's posting day for the next challenge theme...ooops! I actually had it finished and photographed, I just completely spaced on the posting. But I have it today, so we can pretend that I didn't forget, mmmkay?
O.P.I. - My Vampire Is Buff
O.P.I. - Incognito in Salsalito
Sally Hansen Insta - Dry - Chop Chop Copper
Nail art brushes
Argyle!!! I love me some soft cozy argyle socks in the winter time. I used to have a huge collection in high school. I was so happy to manage free hand argyle and even got a big approval from the mister. He's a fan of argyle socks too - definitely a keeper, right?!
P.s. - SH Chop Chop Copper is crazy gorgeous, and you need to get it quick. Full swatch/review coming soon (this week hopefully)!!
P.s.s. - Are you guys feeling single pics for nail art? Unintentionally I have only been taking one photo when I do nail art posts. If you all want more, I will be sure to take multiples.


  1. I've been doing one photo too. I'm too lazy to edit more 0.o


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