Friday, October 4, 2013

Candy Corn Nails - #2 of the IG Totally Doable Nail Art Challenge in October

Hey y'all! Even though the day is almost over, aaand I have already posted once today (though it was just an info post), but look!!! I have candy corn nails!!!!
Zoya - Darcy
(Candy Corn Accent)
Zoya - Tomoko
Zoya - Beatrix
Zoya - Solange
Blue Painters tape
I love using Pixie Dust for nail art! It makes for a really fun accent design. Also, they are soooo easy to do tape mani's with! No bleeding through! Also, I have finally acquired Darcy. It has been on my wish list for ever! I also suspect it is very very similar to my favorite yellow, Julep Lexie. I may have to do a rare comparison post soon.
So what do you think about using Pixie Dust for nail art? Have you tried it yet?


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