Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bliss Polish SOA Collection

Hey y'all! Hope you are ready for a new collection from Bliss Polish! If you can believe it, Yvette has created another batch of beauties and this time, they are all inspired by Sons Of Anarchy. The collection has a little bit of everything going on; mattes, glitters, holos, and even a thermal and a duo chrome. I have four out of the seven colors from the set.
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes.

Bliss Polish - Gemma (thermal, cold state)
Gemma is an oxblood thermal with gold shimmer and scattered holo micro glitter. In it's warm state, shown below, it transitions to a bright cherry red. I love thermals, even though this is only my second one. The transition is great and really noticeable. The formula is a little on the thicker side, but not problematic. 2 coats for full opacity.

Gemma (thermal, warm state)

Gemma (thermal, transition)
Bliss Polish - Tara
Tara is a fuchsia pink duo chrome that flashes to a warm orangey pink with a bright purple shimmer and tiny iridescent flakies. The color shift is really nice, and I was really surprised how much I liked this one! A tiny bit brush stroke, but no other issues. Almost a one coater, but I added a second to give the shimmer a nice boost.

Bliss Polish - Jax (matte)
Jax is a gunmetal silver that dries to a matte finish. It has the tiniest holo shimmer, but completely gets swallowed by the pigment. Even with a glossy top coat, it was very hard to capture any of the holo goodness. Kind of a let down. The formula was less than stellar as well. First coat was very patchy, a thick second coat did smooth everything out.

(topped with Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Mayem
Mayhem is a black crelly (cream/jelly hybrid) with scattered holo glitter. I was unable to get any decent picks of this out in the sun due to some (wonderful!) rainy weather. The holo is very subtle indoors, otherwise. Formula was similar to Jax, patchy and streaky on the first coat, with second to smooth it all out.
I'm not a fan of Son's Of Anarchy, so I can't comment on the interpretations, but I do love Gemma and Tara - the polishes. Funny since red and pink polishes are not at all thing I usually like. These four, along with the rest are in stock and ready for you to snag!
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Bliss Polish is available online and retails for $8 a piece. The SOA Collection is now available, along with the rest of the Bliss Polish line.


  1. ASLFKJGHADKGH There is a flipping SOA collection!!!! <3 Gemma both the polish and the character you SOOO have to start watching the show, well from the beginning. Jax love it with a topcoat I don't need the holo but I'm sad it let you down. Great swatches... empties wallet.

    1. lol, I will have to check it out then! Gemma is for sure an amazing polish!


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