Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall 2013 Fashion Color Trends

Hey y'all! How about a new seasonal series? Yeah? I am totally digging the idea of offering up my picks from the fall releases based off of the seasonal colors. Sounds super fun, right?

Every year, Pantone (the company that makes color for design purposes. I'm a huge pantone nerd.) picks a color of the year, and a corresponding color pallet that everyone in the fashion industry uses, from clothing to nail polish! Ever wonder why there are similar colors in mainstream seasonal collections? This is why. Emerald is the color for 2013, and the fall color pallet revolves around the rich jewel tone of Emerald.

See some familiar colors? This season, the collections from Essie, O.P.I.. Zoya, China Glaze and even Sally Hansen have some amazing examples of these colors.
Fashion Friday posts will now be dedicated to seasonal trends, which colors I love, and those that aren't so great. So let's have some fun with color! (Fashion Friday collab posts with Camille will return when she is not so swamped with grad school.)

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