Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guest Post From Melissa at Honey Bee Nails

Hey y'all! Today I have a post from the adorable Melissa of Honey Bee Nails, on IG. She has killer swatches and amazing nail art. I am so thrilled to have her share a great mani today!


Hello, readers of A Painted Nail!  My name is Melissa; some of you may know me as @honeybee_nails on Instagram.  I am so happy to be guest posting here on Bridget’s blog!  When she approached me to ask if I would be interested, I nearly fell over.  I’m honored that she finds me worthy of this task.  Here’s hoping I don’t let her (or you!) down.

I spent a good deal of time thinking about what I would post for my “big screen debut”, as I’ve been calling it.  Then, it hit me.  Why not post about the indie that started it all?  I just recently received this polish, but I have admired it for a very long time.  This polish is the reason I became a nail junkie in the first place!  It all started a few years back, when Pinterest was the new hot thing.  I saw a pin of some nail art, couldn’t tell you what it was now, but it sent me on a mad pinning spree.  Through a series of clicks, I somehow stumbled upon a nail polish color called Jawbreaker.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it.  I had never seen anything like it before!  I had no idea who it was made by or how to purchase it – I didn’t even know that indie polish existed at that time.  Since that day, it has sort of haunted me not knowing.  Fast forward to today and, like magic, it was in my hands!  I ordered one of the new Beauty Boxes from Pretty & Polished, and included was a mini bottle of Jawbreaker.  I didn’t know that it was Jawbreaker at first because the bottle wasn’t labeled.  It wasn’t until I picked up the card included in the box and read these words that I knew: 

“Thank you for purchasing a Pretty & Polished Beauty Box!  The mini we have sent this month is “Jawbreaker”.  We wanted to send this as our first mini sample because it is a polish we have sold for a long time and was one of the first to put Pretty & Polished out there as a creative brand.”

I was so excited to get this polish on my nails, and it did not disappoint in the slightest!  I decided to layer it over a base of OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls so that I wouldn’t have to use too many layers of Jawbreaker.  I want to make this little baby last.  So, without further ado, here is Pretty & Polished – Jawbreaker.  2 thin coats over a base of MBSW, topped with Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat:

Of course, I can never leave anything alone for too long, so I decided to add a little chevron accent to the mani.  I used Nail Vinyls single chevrons to create this look.  From pointer to pinky the colors are I Love Nail Polish brand Fleet Week, A Fresh Evergreen, Grape Alicious, and Very Ornamental.

That about does it for me.  Thanks so much, Bridget, for giving me this opportunity!  I hope your new camera arrives safe and sound – and quickly – so that you can get back to posting your own gorgeous nails! 


Thank you so much Melissa! I loved your story! I think it's something all indie lovers can relate to and appreciate!

More guest posting greatness tomorrow!

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