Monday, February 24, 2014

Guest Post From Tracey Loves Lacquer

Hey guys! So you may have noticed a bit of sporadic posting lately, and I do apologize! My camera has decided to crap out on me! I was able to order a new one, but alas Mercury is in retrograde and has caused my shiny new camera to be on back order (kidding about the mercury thing). Since I am unable to essentially blog, I reached out to the incredible nail art community and asked a few people to guest post for me!

First up is the awesome Tracey, she was one of the first people I really "met" on IG and I really love her skittlette mains. She comes up with the best color combos!


Hi Everyone !!!

This is Tracey here - aka TraceyLovesLacquer on Instagram.  When the lovely and amazing Bridget contacted me the other day about doing a guest post for her, I just about fell off the couch

!!!!  We've been following and supporting each other for awhile now on IG and I'm a huge fan of her work, so of course I jumped at the chance to help her out.

Today I have for you a few of the polishes from the OPI Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection.  When I first saw pics of this collection late last year, the first thing that stood out for me was the neutrals.  Sure the collection has some incredible bright and fun colors but I love me a good neutral. If its mushroomy or taupe or greige in any way, shape or form, I'm all over it.

So today I'm featuring from left to right, I Sao Paulo Over There, Taupe-less Beach & Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. Also making an appearance is My Boyfriend Scales Walls from the 2012 Spider-Man Collection. For me - MBSW is the best "dirty white" on the market and pretty much the only white I use for nail art.  I'm already into my 2nd bottle and have a 3rd one on standby.

Here's a look at my mani with just the base coats.  I found the formulas on all the polishes to be really good.   They were rich and creamy, self leveling and opaque in 2 coats.

And now for some art!!!!!

On my index I have a dotted gradient over my base of MBSW and on my ring finger I have a striped gradient using Sao Paulo and Taupe-less Beach sponged over some striping tape. I then pulled the striping tape to reveal the base of Don't Bossa Nova Me Around.  Throw in some more dots to bring it all together and call it done!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my post. You can find me at

Thanks again to Bridget for asking me to guest post for her.  I meant the world to me!!  HUGS, Tracey


Thank you so much Tracey! I am loving the mix and match neutrals! Don't Boss-A Nova Me Around is definitely on my to-buy list!

Hope you guys enjoyed Tracey's awesome mani!  I can't wait to share the rest of the posts with you!


  1. Beautiful mani, Tracey!!! I love it!

  2. Sorry for your camera!
    Tracey's design is very pretty, I love the pale color choises she made, great job!


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