Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Post From Mimi At Three Is A Charm

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a fine Friday! More guest posting goodness today from the wonderful Mimi! She is a super cool lady, and I adore her! Not to mention her gorgeous swatches!


This is my first guest post as a blogger!  I'm so excited to be able to post on Bridget's blog.  I'm constantly drooling over her swatches and nails that I'm flabbergasted that she asked me to do a guest post.  

I wanted to do one of my favorite kinds of manicures, a jelly sandwich!  For the jelly I used L'oreal Miss Pixie a bright blue jelly.  And I used Lacquer Lust's Opal, a shimmery polish topper with iridescent flakes, to sandwich in between the jelly. 

First I used 4 coats of Miss Pixie.  Yes 4 coats.  Jellies, while beautiful, take a lot of work because they are so sheer.  You need it to be sheer to get that squishy quality of a jelly polish.  It gives the polish depth.  Look how pretty this is!!!

Then I used two coats of Opal on top of Miss Pixie and added another coat of Miss Pixie on top.  Opal ended up being quite disappointing to me.  The polish was really thick, but even though it was thick there wasn't much payoff.  There were hardly any flakes on the nail after one thick coat that I had to use two coats.  Even after two coats the flakes were sparse.  I shook the bottle vigorously after the shockingly disappointing first coat.  Not only were there hardly any flakes, but the flakes that were on there didn't really reflect off the polish like I how I was hoping for.  I think I was really disappointed because this was not cheap!  This was a $12 bottle of polish!  Oh and I forgot to mention that on my right hand some of the flakes didn't lay flat and were sticking off my nails even after I top coated it.  

I always love to matte my jellies!  So here is my mani with my new favorite matte top coat, Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love. I do like the matte version way better!  Matte top coat saved the day!!

I hope you enjoyed this post even though I was a bit of a Debbie Downer.  I still love a good jelly sandwich manicure especially with flakies!  And I never know how to close a blog post.  So good day to you all!  


Well it is always a bummer to have a bad experience with a polish! But I think the end result is pretty spectacular, and that blue jelly is like whoa! Thank you so much Mimi for your honest review and killer jelly sandwich!


  1. Great swatch Mimi! I like this polish both ways, matte and glossy too!

    1. Thank you! And thanks Bridget for letting me guest post for you!

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