Monday, May 5, 2014

Julep Maven May Bombshell Box Plié Wand - Part One

Hi friends! Today I have part one, of a two part post for the Julep Maven box, this month. Julep has created a new polish application tool called the Plié Wand. The Plié Wand is designed to aid in accuracy and control when applying polish.

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Julep Plié Wand

The Plié Wand is an attachment meant to be used on Julep polish to aid in polish application. It features a magnetic cap that fits on top of the Julep polishes, as well as stand alone brushes (for non Julep bottles, I'm assuming) and several nail art tools as additional add ons.

Wand with brush attachment in straight position

To be honest, I had every intention to skip the May box since I wasn't totally sold on the idea. But the colors were to pretty to pass up! So being the good beauty blogger, I decided to give it a go, and let you all know whether it is the polish breakthrough Julep is claiming or a big fat flop.

Angled for non dominate hand

First off, the wand is a lot bigger than I thought, but it isn't clunky or heavy in hand. It rests nicely and does give more stability. I didn't notice any added benefit when painting my swatch hand (the left one), mainly because I am so used to painting it that I can get a pretty good application regardless of the brush/handle. I will say that it was a little more difficult to control the amount of polish on the brush while using it.

Swatch of Julep Saaya on right hand, painted with non dominate hand using Plié Wand. No clean up.

On my dominant hand (a.k.a. Cindy - cause she does all the work, but doesn't get to play), I did notice an easier application. I still had some mistakes with paint getting onto my skin, but I think that it was more user error. Figuring out the best way to hold the wand while painting with my non-dominant hand was a little cumbersome. After a few uses, I'm sure I would be able to find the right position. I am used to rotating the brush as I polish, and it was hard to do that while holding the wand at an angle.

Overall, I can see the potential need for this, if you really do have a hard time painting your nails. I don't think it is the game changer the promo promised - but after all that's the truth in advertising. I, personally, don't see a need for it, and the little contraption will probably end up on a blog sale at some point in time. But the idea is clever, and I would like to see how the nail art attachments work on the opposing hand. Cause nail art is a one handed achievement over here!

Stay tuned for box swatches!

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

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