Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Snapshots: Pink Jelly Layers

Hey everybody! How's your Saturday?

Despite my posting on a regular basis, I have each day sort of earmarked for what type of post I will write up, except for Saturday. More often than not, I have manis that really don't fall into the swatch/review or nail art category and they don't end up on the blog. See what I'm going for here - a quickie post to fill up that Saturday slot! Yay!

O.P.I. Sheer Tints Be Magentale With Me & China Glaze Surprise Glimmer More

Nothing is better than a squishy jelly sandwich for a quickie mani. The O.P.I. Sheer Tints and the China Glaze Surprise glitters are made for each other!

What is your favorite quick mani?

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