Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nails Inc Special Effects: Sprinkles in Sweets Away

Nails Inc is quickly becoming a new obsession for me. I love their base line of colors, especially the phenomenal blue, Baker Street. I am currently coveting the Mirror Metallic collection and the Nail Jewelry collection as well. I recently snagged Sweets Way from the "Sprinkles" special effect line.

Nails Inc "Sprinkles" Special Effects - Sweets Way
Sweets Way is a sheer milky white base loaded with silver, pink and blue round glitter. The base isn't exactly jelly, more of a sheer cream and combined with the glitter, it is supposed to resemble icing with candy sprinkle.
One Coat
It builds nicely for such a sheer base, I had full coverage in 4 coats. The glitter also layers really well, no application problems. Quick dry time, as well, hardly any waiting between coats.
Two Coats
My two issues with it, formula wise, is that you definitely needs two coats of a good shiny top coat and since it is so glitter-heavy, you will absolutely need to use the "foil method" to remove it (soak a cotton ball, place it on your finger & wrap with a piece of aluminum foil. Let it set for a few minutes & remove), otherwise, you will be scraping glitter off and getting it all over yourself. This is what happened to me, I was out of foil. : \
Three Coats
Nails Inc really impressed me with this polish. Most times, a company claims to have something new and special, but doesn't always deliver. This time they did. It really did look like I dipped my nails in a bowl of sprinkles! The milky base mutes the shiny glitter which really amps up the "sprinkle" look. Honestly, I was a little put off by the amount of glitter, at first, but as I wore it through out the day, I really started to like it. I will definitely be picking up the others in the collection!
Nails Inc "Sprinkle" Special Effects is available on the Nails Inc. website for UK customers & at Sephora online and in stores.

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