Friday, August 24, 2012

Nail of the Day: A Little Whimsy

Revlon Whimsical is one of my favorite polishes - in the bottle. It's a drugstore dupe of Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air, and some say it's a better polish than it's pricey counterpart. When I found it shelved at the local grocery store, I snatched it up immediately. After three failed applications, and about 1/4 of the bottle gone, I gave up on it. I gave it one more shot again today, layering it over a sift purple shimmer (Zoya Marley), and decided it was okay.

Revlon Whimsical over Zoya Marley
This is one coat Marley with four coats Whimsical. Marley greys Whimsical up a bit, but also brightens it as well. Alone, it looked very dirty against my skin tone. It definitely needs a polish undie coat. Also, due to the jelly nature of Whimsical, it needs a few minutes of dry time in between each coat, or it will bubble (mine has every single time >_< ). Even though I love this polish in the bottle (it is so dreamy!), I just wish I could find something similar that was a better polish.

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