Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spoiled by Wet n Wild Swatches

Good morning, everyone! I have several swatches of Wet n Wild's Spoiled line of polish, sold exclusively at CVS. This is a "new to me" line. I used to work for a competitor of CVS (shhhh, don't tell!) before I had my daughter & out of habit, never shop there. After doing a bit of blog lurking, I found a swatch of  a lovely rosy pink foil & did a bit of spontaneous polish purchasing!
Spoiled - Shrimp on the Barbie
Shrimp on the Barbie is a warm rose pink base with gold flecks. This is my kind of polish, and the one that caused me to splurge! It's everything I look for, color-wise & finish. I'm a huge sucker for glass fleck/foil polish.

Bottle shot
Good coverage for a $2 drugstore polish. 3 coats for smooth, sparkly color. Average dry time. It does need a good top coat, the foil dulls a bit after it dries.
Shiny shot ....dies....
It looks so lovely, both in and out of the bottle. Definitely worth the splurge.

Spoiled - Toad-ally Amazing
This one is a very familiar minty green, slightly turquoise cream that has been so popular since China Glaze For Audrey. The main difference is this one has a very soft, subtle silvery shimmer. Oh it won me over with this little extra!

 Bottle Shot of shimmer
This one was a tiny bit on the thick side, & it dragged if I went too quickly with the next coat. 2 coats for full coverage, but I did a third to even it all out.

Spoiled - I'm So Jaded
So this isn't exactly Jade, it's a bright lime neon. I was really surprised how bright it is. Also, unlike traditional neons, it dries to a satin finish instead of matte. Either way, I actually liked this one a lot! It was a bit sheer on the first coat, but quickly built up and was opaque after 3 coats.
Spoiled - Paying with Platinum
I am in love with this one, definitely a "ooooh" moment when I put it on. I knew it was a duo-chrome when I ordered it, but golly, it's amazing. I really wasn't expecting this much color shift from a cheapo drugstore brand. A bit similar to Zoya Adina, but I'm pretty sure the silver/purple/green color shift is brighter & more pronounced in this one. It was really hard to capture all the different flashes of color, but check out the bottle! Blue/green/silver/purple all in one polish! And yes, it all translates on the nail!
Silver/green shift
Formula wise, it was a bit tricky. The first coat was super sheer, so I did a thicker coat, the second time around & it took for ever to dry. 4 coats total.
 Low light

Once I figured out how to apply it, I knew it would be one of my favorites from the set. Love a good duo chrome.
Spoiled - Deeper Diver

The white balance on my camera ate the pretty teal of this color & turned it to an inky blue. The actual polish is a blackened teal jelly base with gold fleck & bright teal micro glitter. Despite it being so dark (I'm not a fan of dark polishes), I found this one to be really pretty, especially the contrast of gold flecks.

Bottle Shot
Out of all the polishes, I got, this one had the worst formula. The jelly base was really sheer, 4 coats for full coverage. Not to mention, something about the fleck glitter caused horrible streaking and clumping, and it dulled almost completely when it dried. No where near as nice as Shrimp on the Barbie. It also stained really bad. My hands and nails were covered with blue splotches after I took it off.

Close up
Despite the horrible formula, I still swoon over this one. I'm not one to give up a polish if it's pretty, regardless of it's flaws.
Spoiled - Trust Fund Baby over Visibly Slimming
Trust Fund Baby is a clear polish loaded with medium gold, blue and black hex glitter and pink square glitter. I layered it over Visibly Slimming with is just a basic black cream. A good choice if you need a black polish in your stash.
One coat
I got this glitter simply because I don't have too many clear glitters in my stash. It's nothing super special, but pretty none the less. Good for layering or nail art. I actually want to do a glitter gradient over a grey base, with this, sometime.

Two coats

 Three coats
My only issue with this polish is the glitter application. I really had to go slow and work at the placement, otherwise, I took off glitter after each swipe.
One of the biggest issues with every polish was the awful brush. It was uneven and fluffy, which can cause application problems if you aren't patient. I've seen some brush pics on other blogs with stray bristles, lucky, none of mine had that problem.  Overall, for a cheap drugstore brand, this line is a good choice if you are in need of a quick polish fix. I'm pretty sure I will be getting more in the future.
Spoiled by Wet n Wild is sold exclusively at CVS & CVS online.

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