Saturday, August 4, 2012

China Glaze: New Bohemian Collection

China Glaze released a brand new line of duo chrome polishes dubbed "New Bohemian Luster Chrome" which I think is a perfect description for this collection.

Deviant Darling, Rare & Radiant, No Plain Jane, Swanky Silk, Unpredictable, Want My Bawdy

After making a trip to Sally's, I managed to snag Swanky Silk & Unpredictable. I was also looking to pick up Deviant Darling & No Plain Jane, but alas, they were already out. Sigh. Rare & Radiant is a dupe of Chanel's Peridot (as well as OPI's Just Spotted The Lizard, and a few others). Since I have the OPI dupe, I decided not to grab that one.

China Glaze - Swanky Silk

A pale gold base with a rosy pink color shift. Good name, it really does remind me of a pale champagne colored silk dress. The duo chrome shift is more prevalent in person, my camera and/or lighting really didn't capture the pretty pink tones of this polish. It is a dupe of Deborah Lipman - Sugar Daddy & Nails Inc. - Stratford

China Glaze - Unpredictable

A green base with a bright teal color shift. Similar to Rare & Radiant but with more of a blue tint. The color shift wasn't as noticeable as Swanky Silk, much more subtle.

Both polishes were great, formula-wise, perfect consistency & quick dry time. I used 3 coats for both & got full coverage at 2 (added the third for a bit more color shift).

Out of six polishes, half are dupes, at least. Sure it's great to have cheaper versions of more expensive, high end polish, but three in one collection? Kinda lacking in the creative department if you ask me. Also, other bloggers have mentioned this as well, the duo chrome isn't really prevalent in all the colors. But they are called "Luster Chrome" which makes me think of pearlescent color shifts which are more subtle. Overall, good collection, just not that unique.

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