Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Nail Art Series: Matte Neon Gradient Cut Outs

Hello friends, happy Thursday! I am trying to get myself back into the nail art groove and along with the Twinsie Tuesday posts, I have decided to add some summer nail art looks to the ol' blog. If you read my blog, you know that summer collections, glitters, and bright polishes are my absolute favorite, so why not do some fun nail art with it?!


Floss Gloss - Lean
Floss Gloss - Pony
Sally Hansen - Big Matte Top Coat

Blue painters tape
Make up sponge

I have wanted to do a peach/purple gradient for ever and also the cut out gradient. And then the matte top coat. UGH. It is so soft and glowy and perfect for summer. Can I just do this all the time? Would you guys get bored, lol?

Pro tip: using blue painters tape will give you cleaner lines than scotch tape, since it is made for painting!

I will have more summer time nail art in the coming weeks. So hopefully you guys will find some inspiration to decorate your digits this season!


  1. These are gorgeous! I just love how soft they look but thy have such a wow factor to them.

  2. You're so right--these are perfect for summer! The gradient is beautifully blended too. I love the pink where the peach and purple meet!


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