Saturday, May 23, 2015

LOOK Proud Memorial Day Nail Art

Hey all, happy Memorial Day weekend to all my US friends! Today's post is a bit different than the NOTD/nail art posts I normally publish. A couple of weeks back, I posted a swatch review of a new drugstore brand called LOOK Nail Color (read the original post here) and had a very unpleasant experience with the brand. After my review, LOOK contacted me stating they had inadvertently sent me "hand poured" samples which they use for promotional photos and that they would be sending me "production quality" samples as well with no expectation of an additional review.

I did do a comparison swatch between the two set and attempted the original nail art design I was planning for the first post with the new samples and in all honesty, these are much, much better. If I had gotten the "production quality" samples, my review would have been very different! The formulas on all three are so much easier to work with and apply a lot better. I am a bit annoyed by the "hand poured" discrepancy but I am impressed that LOOK took the time to reach out to me and correct their mistake.

So! Now that I got all that out of the way, I can show you my original design that I had planned the first time around!


LOOK Nail Color - 
LOOK Nail Color - 
LOOK Nail Color - 

Make It Stick Chevron Vinyl Nail Decals
Born Pretty Star Nail Stickers

I am on a total skittlette kick at the moment, so expect at least one more in the next few days! And I actually really like the way this came out. I am waaaay behind on the Make It Stick decal scene and I gotta say, they are as awesome as everyone says they are. I used them as guides this time around, but you can also use them on top of polish as well.

I also wanted to show you guys the swatch comparisons, because with all the polishes, there are very noticeable changes with either the color or the formula. I'm not retracting because I was asked to do so, but because there is a big difference, and I want any review I do to be as accurate and honest as I can possibly make it!

LOOK Nail Color Rocket's Red Glare

The "production quality" sample is slightly darker and doesn't smear or stain like the original "hand poured" sample.

LOOK Nail Color Broad Stripes, Bright Stars

The "production quality" sample is relatively the same color, but the application is SO much better than the original "hand poured" sample.

LOOK Nail Color Oh Say Can You See

The "production quality" sample has the biggest difference in color as it is noticeably darker. It applies a lot less patchy than the "hand poured" sample as well.

So, if you do come across a display of LOOK Nail Color at Walgreen's, don't be afraid to give it a try. These are more along the lines of what I was initially expecting from the press release info that I got, and I am (now) excited to see what else LOOK comes out with!

Again, I wasn't asked to do another review, and I wouldn't have done one if the polishes were still crap. But overall, I felt that the differences were worth noting. 

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend and I will be back soon!

LOOK Nail Color products are sold exclusively at Walgreen's. Products retail for $6.99 a piece.


  1. The skittle you created is so fun and cute!

  2. Thank you again so much for reviewing us again. We sincerely apologize for the mis-ship. We look forward to working with you in the future. Have a Happy Memorial Day !!!!


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