Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Jelly Sandwich

Hi friends! Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week! I am feeling a bit frantic, honestly. So many things are going on right now, lots of social/school stuff that has left me little overwhelmed! I am more of an introvert and prefer the comforts of home to a crazy, busy social life. But having little things like my blog help to unwind and de-stress from time to time. Even if my posts are a little later than planned.

Speaking of posting later than planned, I finally have today's Twinsie Tuesday post done! Technically it was supposed to publish this morning at 8am...but I suck. Anyway, the theme this week is Jelly Sandwich! Like most nail aficionados, I love a good jelly!


China Glaze - Are You Jelly?
China Glaze - Make A Spectacle

Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat

I used about ten coats of polish for the sandwich - including base and top coat. That is the one tricky thing about jelly sandwiches. They require a lot of coats and if you rush, you get bubbles. But I couldn't resist! I love it. And of course I had to mattify this! #Matteallthejellies is no joke you guys.

So while I go soak m hands in a vat of acetone to remove TEN coats of polish (what was I thinking?!?), go check out the rest of the lovely Twinsies to see their jelly sandwiches!

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  1. I once had a jelly sandwich that was about ten coats. Insane, right? But does look pretty!

  2. I absolutely love this combo! It's beautiful!

  3. NomNomNom Jelly Sandwich!



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