Thursday, June 11, 2015

Matte White & Gold Triangles NOTD

Hey y'all! How is your summer going? We have already had a few summer-time adventures in the two short weeks the kiddo has been out of school. I'm hoping to do some swimming in Barton Creek pool soon. It is one of my favorite things to do!

Today's NOTD is totally summer appropriate and would be a killer pool-side mani. White nails are some what of a classic summer look, but I kinda feel like it's a little too bland for my taste. So I decided to jazz up the white nail with something a little shiny and shimmery. Cause that's how I roll.


O.P.I. - L.A.M.B.
Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat

Winstonia Nail Art Brush

Something about summer just gets my nail art mojo going. Cause these turned out pretty great. I frickin' love white and gold together! And when paired in such a simple way, they just kill it!

I opted to free hand the triangles, but if you aren't confident in your free hand skills, tape would work great as well. Just be sure to let the base coat cry completely first!

I am hoping the mojo keeps on coming and I can have loads more summer-inspired designs to share on the blog. What are some of your favorite designs for summer time? Would you like to see something specific?

Check back tomorrow for a new weekly feature! I have decided to go through my stash and showcase some favorites each friday. I have been swatching like crazy and my cuticles are not happy at the moment. But hopefully you all will be! Until next time, friends!


  1. These look so refreshing! :)

  2. I love white polished nails in the summertime, and with added gold, yours look gorgeous! While I do like to see intricate nail art occasionally (and am frequently in awe of it!), mostly, I enjoy nails that have a simpler design.
    I honestly don't know how bloggers can do so much swatching. My cuticles cringe with changing polish every two to three days! Massive amounts of cuticle oil/balm to the rescue!

    1. I agree! Simple designs can be so stunning when done right, lol! My skin is super sensative and after all the swatching I have to do, I may need a little polish break!


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