Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Splatter

Hiiiii!!!! I didn't forget about you guys, I promise. Sometimes, life catches up with me and I have to put my focus elsewhere. But I am still around, just working on other things, or taking some time off to de-stress and spend the day outside with my family. I hope you all understand, and know that I love my blog and I love sharing awesome nail polish and nail art with you guys!

And in that spirit, I have a fun design for today's Twinsie Tuesday post! The theme this week is Splatter! I and really excited for it, especially since I haven't done a splatter mani in ages!


O.P.I. - Amazon...Amazoff
O.P.I. - My Dogsled Is  A Hybrid
O.P.I. - That's Hula-rious

Plastic straw

Splatter manis are super easy, fun and messy! If you haven't tried one before, all you do is paint your nails a base color and the dip a drinking straw into nail polish (I used a paper plate as a palette) and blow onto your nail. I used similar colors this time, to give the splatter an ombré effect. 

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