Monday, March 4, 2013

Nail of the Day: Totally 80's Gradient

Hey all! A quick little "nail of the day" post up, today! Lately, I have been trying out different nail art techniques and decided to give the sponge gradient a try. The Different Dimension polishes I swatched recently (see here for the post) seemed like a good choice for the mani.

Different Dimension - Ditz & Whatever
For my first attempt, I'd say it turned out really well! There are loads of tutorials on YouTube on how to do a gradient, so I'm not gonna go into any detailed instructions. But I will say, it is super easy, and these polishes work really well for it!

After doing this, I definitely want to get the rest of the set and do a full rainbow gradient! Ahhhh, just the thought is making me all a flutter!
Different Dimension is available on Etsy. Prices range from $8.50 - $10.00

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