Sunday, December 15, 2013

ILNP Nostalgia

Hey everyone! How is your weekend? We are going to check out the most awesome Trail of Lights at Zilker Park tonight! It is a wonderful holiday light display that the city of Austin puts on every year, and it is my most favorite tradition! I will probably spam my IG feed with pics tonight!
Today, I have an incredible polish to share! The fantastic Indie brand, ILNP (I Love Nail Polish), has recently released a line of Ultra Chrome polishes that boast insane color shifts. As part of a LE holiday trio, Barbra created the Ultra Chrome, Nostalgia - a multi chrome that shifts mainly from green to red, but let me tell you, there is sooooooooo much more! On to the pics!
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.
ILNP - Nostalgia
Nostalgia is a multi chrome polish that shifts from deep emerald green to bronze to yellow gold to red to fuchsia. I have even caught glimpses of teal and purple flashes. Let me preface by saying, my camera loathes multi chromes. It is always reluctant to capture color shifts. Nostalgia is so dramatic that it took amazing pictures! In person, it is even more stunning! I was constantly looks at my nails for the three days I wore it. Nostalgia has some serious hypnotic powers, folks! Formula was quite good as well. This is two coats, by itself. No layering over black to get this effect! Minimal brush strokes, and it applied smoothly. It did seem to dry a tad bit longer than regular polish. Nothing a good quick dry top coat can't solve!

I ordered this during the pre sale, and I am not sorry one bit! This is truly an amazing polish, and you will be seeing it again when I post my top ten polishes for the year. I will probably be ordering a back up of this in fact! So if you are on a no-buy, break it, cause Nostalgia is sooooo worth it! You will thank me!

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.

ILNP polish is available on line. Products retail from $10 - $12.50 a piece.


  1. IKR? The whole line of ILNP Ultra Chromes are so worth the price. FYI...I posted this polish today too! LOL

    1. awesome! can't wait to check it out!


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