Monday, December 23, 2013

Poinsettia Nails - Holiday Nail Art Spectacular

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Are you guys ready for the holidays? I am still making cookies! It has taken a little longer than normal to get all my baking out of the way, my kiddo got a cold yesterday and I have been playing nurse along with baker!
I am trying to get the rest of my holiday posts up before all the madness starts, so I hope you guys don't mind a short post! Besides, we all know it's about the pics, right?! ^_^
O.P.I. - Black Onyx
Zoya - Logan
Zoya - Ziv
Nail art brush
This design is kinda sentimental for me. My mom's favorite flower is the poinsettia, and my sister and I would get her one every Christmas. So the flower always gives me warm fuzzies as an adult. The leaves were kind of a screw up, but I am okay with the end result. I used the G&G HK Girl top coat for this design.

I know I have mentioned it before, but MVIB is seriously such a great base for nail art. I grab it as much as MBSW when I am planning out a design. If you don't have either, they are great staples for a nail art collection.

I am also trying out the Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. It is really great for nail art purposes as well, I have yet had a smear with it, even if the polish is still a little wet. I will be adding it along with every other TC I have tried to a comprehensive guide that I have been working on almost all year. I hope to have it up early 2014 (how crazy is it that 2013 is almost over?!?!).

Hope you guys have a great day & look for a fun post tomorrow, perfect if you are looking for a polish to wear to a holiday party!


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