Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Ruffian with Studs - Holiday Nail Art Spectacular

Hey guys and gals! It is super close to Christmas, and I am bursting at the seems! I also have so many nail art posts that I need to put up before the big day! I may actually have a post ready every day - which never happens!
Today is a fun, festive design that is super easy to do and doesn't require a lot of nail art skills. I haven never attempted a Ruffian mani before, and I had no trouble at all.

O.P.I. - First Date At The Golden Gate
Zoya - Logan
Born Pretty nail studs
I like that it I Christmas-y without being too ever the top. And of course the studs.You all know how I feel about nail studs!
If you have never done a Ruffian type design, it is really easy to recreate. I started with a base layer of O.P.I. FDATGG. After it was dry, I used Zoya Logan and started painting a little lower on the nail, following the cuticle curve. Super easy, and no tools required! Just the brushes from the bottles and a little patience!

I actually kinda prefer this sort of look as opposed to the more intricate designs. But it is fun to bust out all the tools, from time to time, and spend an evening creating something!
So which do you like? Simple or detailed?

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