Friday, December 12, 2014

Fall/Winter Color Trends Wrap Up and 2015 Color Of The Year

Hey y'all! So this is the wrap up post of the Fall/Winter seasonal color trends. I personally really loved this palette. I think the color combination was a great way to express the vintage flare that is very present in fashion lately. It was a big season for creams, even though China Glaze and Zoya added some really interesting finishes to their fall/winter offerings. But I feel that a cream fits so perfectly with the season! 

If you are interested in reading through all the Color Trend posts, and maybe finding a color to fit our mood, you can click here to be directed to the Color Trend label.

As with all things, the fashion (and nail polish) world is already looking ahead to the 2015 Spring and Summer seasons with Pantone announcing last week, it's color of the year!

It seems as the vintage trend is continuing with Marsala. I am still on the fence about it. There are some instances where it is really beautiful - the Sephora promo picture is stunning. But I'm not sure about the polish world. I feel like it has already been done, especially with the Zoya Natural Deux collection. The rest of the color palette is a gorgeous mix of dusty pastels and bold neutrals. I am personally hoping for a resurgence of the original Zoya Pixie Dust in a teal or aqua color!

What are your thoughts on Marsala and the rest of the spring color palette? Are you loving the vintage trend or is it becoming tiresome? I am excited to see what the mainstream brands offer up next year and to continue the Color Trend post series!

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  1. Really enjoyed your fall/winter color trend posts. The new color for 2015 is nice but I'm not sure if I'm 100% in love with it.


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