Thursday, December 18, 2014

Snowy Nail Of The Day

Ohhai friends! Well we are back from East Texas, technically since Monday afternoon, and the mound of dirty clothes from the trip has dwindled down enough that I had time to do a little something with my nails!

The weather has turned cold and dreary, so I figured I would do something seasonally appropriate. And I had this gorgeous bottle of Love Angeline Love At Frost Sight sitting around waiting ever so patiently to be used. 


Love Angeline - Love At Frost Sight (LE, no longer available)

Dotting Tool

I love how sparkly and wintry this turned out! I had yet to do any seasonal or holiday themed nail art and was starting to feel like time was running out. Thankfully this is pretty easy to do!

I started with a base of Love At Frost Sight - a silvery holo with icy blue shimmer. Once that was dry, I used my largest dotter and made an uneven line across my free edge with my perennial favorite - My Boyfriend Scales Walls, to mimic snowy drifts. I then took a smaller sized dotter and added a few random dots for snowflakes. Top coated it and voila! Snowy, and sparkly!

If you want to try this out for your self, but don't have any dotting tools, a bobby pin or tooth pick work as quick subs. Also, I know that Love At Frost Sight was limited to a one time release, but any other silvery/shimmery polish would look awesome as a base if you didn't get it.

On a side note, this is my first Love Angeline, and I am smitten! I have been eyeing the NY collection and hope to snag it soon. You all should check out the website ( and ogle at all the pretties!


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