Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Snapshot: Multichrome Flakie Gradient

Hi friends! So I am currently in East Texas visiting my family for the holidays, but I didn't want the blog to be inactive while I was gone, so I am sharing a quick post of my nails for the trip. Well at least what was on them before I left. I brought a few polishes to play with while I am here, so no guarantee what they look like now!

If you are active in the nail community on IG, then I am sure you have seen the amazing new multichrome flakies that have been making their way into many Indie polishes. In fact, I just swatched some lovelies from Takko Lacquer a few days ago! 

One of the big release was a full line of thirteen multichrome flakies from ILNP, and I couldn't help but to get a few during the pre-sale! This is just a quick little gradient I did with one of them, but next week I will have full glorious swatches of the three I did pick up!


Nails Inc - Baker Street
ILNP - Electric Carnival

So I am TOTALLY in love with multichrome flakies! And now I need them all. Electric Carnival is so stunning, I want to curse! Because only the F word seems appropriate to describe how much I love this.

I promise to have swatch photos and macros and all that good stuff when I get back. But for now, let's all just take a moment to gaze longingly at the gorgeous flakies...



  1. These look awesome as a gradient here. Wow, it looks like you dipped your nails in lava or something.

  2. I received the four I ordered (and wished I ordered more!) and am in love! I am mesmerized by them, especially under the lamp lights I have on my desk - all the colors come out to play. And that new bottle shape - adore it!! I must say that the aggravation with That Big City PR Department that brought about the change turned out to be A Good Thing all around. (I hated that I Heart NP - never really knew if it was 'heart' or 'love' - LOL, no doubt about it now!) And did I mention --- the new bottle *squee* !


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