Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Takko Lacquer Winter 2014 Release Part Two

Hey guys and gals! So how is your week going? Anyone stressing out over the holidays yet, lol? I have so much stuff jammed into the next few weeks that I may be a little crazy by the time New Year's gets here! But before I go off the deep end, I have more Takko Lacquer goodies to show you guys! 

Today is part two of the winter release - with a total of seven new colors to lust after. The first three were swatched on Monday, so if you missed that post, you can read it here. I have three more to share in today's post (the seventh one was mistakenly left out of my package, but will be arriving shortly for me to swatch for you guys) and they are simply beautiful!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Takko Lacquer Diamonds & Tulle, Snow Bunny and Smitten Kitten

Takko Laquer Diamonds & Tulle

Diamonds & Tulle is a rose metallic with silver shimmer and a subtle linear holo. Holy crap you guys, this is an unexpected beauty! I was totally wowed by it's delicate nature. The rose metallic is an instant fav - I adore polish in this color family. Paired with the silver and holo shimmers give it such a luxe quality! It truly does twinkle like tiny little diamonds! Formula was blissfully smooth. This is two easy coats with top coat.


Takko Lacquer Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny is a baby blue to milky blue thermal with a silver shimmer. This is the perfect winter thermal! The transition, while subtle is still noticeable to captivate. The silvery shimmer really puts it over the top and gives it such a "frozen" look! The formula was a little on the thicker side, and I needed to give it several minutes in between coats to dry thoroughly - I have noticed this being the case with most thermals. This is two coats with top coat.

(Cold state)

(Warm state)

(Macro - transition)

Takko Lacquer Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten is a bubble gum pink/milky pink thermal with bright blue shimmer. When this transitions into the warm state, it has a gorgeous pearl like sheen to it that I just can't get over! I have a few thermals and none of them quite have that effect - it is definitely cool. The formula, again, was thicker than the average Takkito, and it took some careful polishing, but the end result was well worth it. I ended up using three coats because I had a few patchy spots that were only noticeable in the warm state. It also dries semi-matte, so I do recommend a shiny top coat to bring out that hella gorgeous shimmer!

(Cold state)

(Warm state)

(Macro - transition)

Like I mentioned at the start of the post, there is a seventh polish - Absinthe. It is a chartreuse green with gold shimmer and flakies. While I don't yet have it to swatch for the initial release, I will be swatching it soon for future reference. But if you like that sort of color, definitely grab it if you get the chance!

The launch takes place Thursday, December 11th at 8pm EST. Good luck and set your alarms!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Takko Lacquer is available on line. Products retail for $13 a piece. Takko Lacquer is available for purchase for International customers via Femme FataleLlarowe and Mei Mei's Signatures.

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  1. These are gorgeous! Love the mix of colors and finishes too.


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