Saturday, February 9, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues - Cosmic Fate (Pic Heavey)

Hey guys! Holographic polish is all the rage right now and it seems there are collections popping up all over the place. Color Club is releasing a second part of their gorgeous Halo Hues holo polish line and it is amazing!

Color Club Halo Hues - Cosmic Fate
Cosmic Fate is a peachy/orange/pink linear holographic polish. As a holo newb, I have little experience with different brands, but what I do have, this one blows them away. Everything about it is perfection. The color is beautiful, application was dreamy (no need for aqua base!) and the holo effect is stunning!!!

Natural daylight
Really, there isn't too much else I can say other than get these as soon as you can. They are way cheaper than the Layla holos, Fnug, or even the up coming China Glaze holos, and I think they are far superior.
Right now, they are available at a few places on line, but the official release is February 15th. I snagged mine from 8ty8 Beauty.

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  1. Super pretty - I should have snagged this one!


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